Sympathy - Funeral

Express your condolences with a wide variety of thoughtful arrangements. We have sympathy bouquets, sprays, standing sprays, and more. Please call us to discuss any type of custom-made flower arrangement to memorialize your loved one. Gray's has been working with funeral homes around New Jersey for 90 years and you can count on us for the freshest, most beautiful display and timely delivery. See a list of funeral homes in North/Central New Jersey with whom we've been doing business for decades.

Gray's provides meticulous and reverent GRAVESITE CARE AND PLANTING. Read more about it HERE.

When you need to send your condolences in or near Union/Somerset County/Middlesex County - we can help with a thoughtful sympathy flower basket or bouquet, a sympathy fruit basket, or thoughtful house plant or floral arrangement. We will deliver your funeral wreath, heart or floral spray, funeral flower basket or floral bouquet arrangement, or casket flower arrangement to the memorial, fresh and on-time. We do excellent custom work, please call us to discuss.